100 Doors Challenge 2 level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Walkthrough

Welcome to the most mysterious house in the world. Its walls are ready to close any player who dares to go there. Are you ready to test your abilities and go through a hundred locks? You expect interesting puzzles, challenging puzzles, logic traps, dizzying tasks.

Developer Protey Apps has prepared for you a fascinating journey. You will find yourself in a virtual world where everything is confusing and filled with riddles. Check how smart you are, smart and smart. This genre well coaches intelligence, logic, intelligence and mental activity. The application will appeal to adults and children of any age. Each stage is unique and unique, contains an excellent idea.

While there are 30 puzzles available for players, the developer will release an update. I liked solving puzzles, because while they were light.

Passage 11 levels of the game 100 doors challenge 2 part.

We find parts of the bow and shoot the box.

How to pass the 12th stage of the Doors Challenge.

We collect all the details of the lamp.

Help to the 13th round.

Open the box on top.

14 the answer.

Take the ax and make a hole in the wall, there is the key.


Simultaneously, lower the two door handles down.


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