Enter the sum of the biggest number. Stump Me


Caught in a traffic jam? Are you waiting for your turn at the clinic / tax / passport office and other most sophisticated institutions? Are you waiting in the cafe for an always late girlfriend? I know a great way how to pass this time with the benefit of the mind) I am pleased to share my unexpected find! Stump me answers
The interface is ugly simple.

Since the game is in the style of Stump Me Answers, then the musical accompaniment is appropriate: quiet, melodic, peaceful, and not even creepy at all)

Definitely an infuriating fact of almost all applications – advertising … The omnipresent and merciless! Here we must pay tribute, a small strip at the bottom of the screen does not interfere with the game. And it is almost impossible to click on it accidentally in the process. But, of course, the developers took care of the safety of our nerve cells and provided the banner with the treasured cross, clicking on which you can turn off ads so that you don’t have to click on anything.


Stump Me Enter the sum of the biggest number. level 136

  • Answer is 7+8+9=24

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